My name is Mo Fayose. I come from a very big family. I was sexually abused by a family friend at the age of 14. I could not disclose this to anyone because I was very ashamed of myself due to the reasons behind the abuse, coupled with fear. The incident happened shortly after when I ran away from home due to the beating, I was sustaining from a family member.

The truth is discipline is part of African culture but sometimes it gets out of hand and it causes children like myself to be very scared and dark inside. I went to this family friend to beg for £30 so that I could add it to the rent for the room I shared with a friend of mine. But unfortunately, he did not give me the money he promised and still abused me.

On November 14th 1993, I had a horrible car accident that left me blind in one eye and a scarred face. On returning to work as a dinner lady the following year, the children in the school complained to their parents that a “monster” was serving them their dinner/lunch.

The parents complained to the school head, and I was demoted to a porter. Not that being a porter at the time didn’t pay my bills, however, the emotional trauma I had to endure did me more damage than not having enough to pay my bills.

Happy new year 1994!!! I met this handsome young man who accepted me for me – with all my scars -, in fact it felt like heaven on earth because I never thought I would be able to meet anyone, considering the fact I also have not got any form of good education. I failed my GCSEs woefully. We got married despite him cheating on me and I was footing 90% of the household bills. I could not walk away from the marriage despite him having a child without me knowing until the mother of the child called me to let me know. I could not leave him even though I could see that he didn’t love me enough… Why????? Because I did not think anyone would ever want to be with me. All I knew of myself was “Monster”. I became allergic to taking pictures. I have to be extra prepared before I could take photographs. It was hell on earth for me, and sometimes, I still struggle.

As if those were not bad enough, I lost my favourite sister to breast cancer 2013. It was indeed a testing time for myself and my family. It was a struggle and one of the darkest moments that I never thought I would get over, because cancer was a visitor, I never thought would visit my family or anyone so close to me.


The above brief history of myself is to encourage you, to let you know that you are not in it alone. Many of us (many people out there) have similar stories to tell, but always wondering about who would listen and show us the way. Though I come from a very big family, my family couldn’t understand my irrational behaviours, so they also tagged me as “crazy”. Because of this labelling, I distanced myself from them, hence the reason why I found solace in a man that had little respect for me.

I was very close to losing my sanity. I had very little friend’s circle/support. I am one of those people that you either hate or love – no in-between. Today, as a mental health student nurse, a support worker, a mother, and a meditation teacher, I look at myself and wonder how I didn’t end up in any of the mental health hospitals in the UK. I ask myself from time to time how I managed to escape not being sectioned or detained in any way. Definitely, there is a God above, he has been watching over me and I am so grateful to that angel above.

Because you have made that conscious decision to check this website out, or to even contact this page for support, I want to tell you this YOU ARE NOT ALONE. If I could come to this world again, I would choose to be a dog to a very kind man or woman, as coming as human being again may finally cause me to go insane, especially if the world is as evil as it is today.

My word to you is this, start encouraging yourself by rejecting the “mental illness”, the loneliness, your inability to express your feelings without aggression and the struggle to make ends meet.

Always know that there is someone somewhere, who cares about you, and that person may not be your blood relation, so start looking inward as you look outward.



Free Sunday Dinners Cooked

Free Sunday Dinners Cooked For The Elderly People Living On Their Own


Witnessing first hand during my Mental Health Nursing degree the impact of loneliness and isolation on those who were admitted onto the adult mental health hospitals and those in the community broke my heart and since then, it has been my mission to find ways to make the journey as humane as possible for them.

My mission now is to provide FREE snacks packs to those who are on admission as many do not have family members to bring them basics, including snacks, whilst not having any form of “leave”, to pop into a local shop.

Being sectioned under section 2, 3 or 4 of the Mental Act 1983/2007 is not a very pleasant experience and in some cases, I have seen people relapse whilst in hospital due to lack of “leave”. Patients can be given “ground leave” (a term use to allow patients whom health professionals deem to be getting better to have access to the grounds of the hospital for maybe 30minutes a day/twice/multiple times or every day of the week or couple of days a week) or “leave” (which allow patients to go outside of the hospital for 30minutes or more a day or couple of times a week, depending on their consultant).

Although patient consultants can authorise these leaves, it is still however at the discretion of the nurses on each shift to make that happen or deny it based on their own "professional" judgement of the patient at any given time.

Children's A & E Goodie Packs

Providing Free Goodie Packs For The Children Attending Accident & Emergency Departments Across The UK

In-Patient Adult Mental Health

Proving Free Snack Packs To The Adults In Mental Health Hospitals Across The UK

Do you have questions, feedback or you would like to order free snack packs for your local adult mental health hospital or children's accident and emergency department, you can:

Call me on 07546 115595 (+44 7546 115595 when calling from abroad)