Your Birthday is a project where we celebrate our members birthday. Not only our members, but for those who are referred to us as needing cheering you GENUINELY.

Having worked in mental health settings, I have come to understand that many feel rejected because they have no sense of belonging or sense of connection around where they live. For this reason, as a community, we make it our business to celebrate those who are lonely and alone.

You don’t have to be on any benefits, or be part of any religion or culture, we will celebrate your birthday during one of our community come dine with me meet ups. We will buy/bake the cake, cook the meal, and all you need to do is to attend.

All we ask is you complete our membership form so we know that you fit into our Community Cares Club criteria – which is, you are on your own, with little of not friends or family around.

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Loneliness is an invisible disease and only it’s victim will know where and how it hurts. Remember, being among multitude does not mean you can not feel lonely and alone

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