Let’s Do Something Different for our older adults that are living in care homes

Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty. By Mother Teresa

Loneliness can occur even when you are in the midst of many and this is why it is important to know that being in a care or nursing home does not exclude anyone from the feeling of isolation or lonely. Many older adults in the community would rather remain in isolation in their own home rather than living with others in a care home, as they sometimes see this as losing their independent.

Healthcare professionals in care homes do a fantastic job, however, there is always that need to ensure that our older adults does not lose that sense of being part of their community, especially for those who have lived in that community for many years.

To promote this social/community inclusion, every Tuesday, we will be hosting older adults that lives in care homes at the Self Love Hub. They will be served free 3 course meal and will engage in various activities, including bingo and singing along.

If you would like to get your service users involved in this, kindly complete the “contact form” or email enquiries@mofayose.com

Loneliness is an invisible scammer, let us stamp it out visibly together.

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