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I have found in my line of duties within the mental health and healthcare settings, that many people develop depression and social anxiety because no one in the community where they belong celebrates them.
We are quick at celebrating that person that we may never meet, but too blind to celebrate those around us.
Our Celebrities Magazine is here to celebrate all. Some people have never been given a birthday card and for this reason, this magazine will be celebrating members of the public for free and it will be distributed for others to purchase for just £1 per copy.
So if you know anyone that’s got their birthday in September especially here in Nottingham, please send their picture to me, including their birthday date and words of encouragement. If I have enough names, the very first edition should be out on the 1st of September.
So get sending…………. No one should ever be alone. Loneliness KILLS
Email: ourcelebrities@mofayose.com or use the contact form on this site
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