My mission is to ensure that I do everything humanly possible to tackle loneliness and social isolation at the source.

As a mental health student nurse many years ago, I quickly realised that our total well-being strongly relies on our ability to have continuous support from either our family or friend or our community.

For many people, it is almost impossible to continue to remain sane in the world that is revolved around systemic insanity. Systemic insanity is caused by the government and public sector bureaucracies. We expect those in places of power and decision making to keep us safe mentally, however, with the tons of red tapes, they are the ones causing many people to fall into constant depression, never ending feeling of loneliness and social isolation.

Some media companies have also become sources of anxiety, depression and fear, all in the name of “click for wealth”. We get to read more headlines which the body have less than 30% fact and 70% fear mongering and division, and yet, they are not held accountable. In as much as many of us want to avoid the “media”, we find the providers of many of the facilities we need for the activities of daily living have been placed online for us to access, whilst completely ignoring those who have no access to online.

We now get penalised for not paying some of our bills online. We pay more for not wanting to pay by direct debit. It is becoming a society of “if you do not have a social media account, you cannot get basic signposts to local services”. These are the reasons why many continue to feel lonely, depressed and socially isolated, especially, the elderly and those who have severe mental health illness.

To try to alleviate some of this, I have decided to offer the following services for the elderly and those are being discharged from mental health hospitals.

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