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Just like Tesco’s slogan, “every little helps”. No act of caring, no matter how little it is, it will go a very a long way. Caring should be a habit and never a chore.

We need to be each others’ keeper, we need to look out for one another. We need to continually show that we care, as a nation cannot exist without a family, but a family can exist without a nation. Every single one of us is part of a community; a community that is formed through different families. The sooner we begin to acknowledge the fact that we need each other, just like the act of photosynthesis, the easier things will become for everyone of us.

To show that you care, complete the below form, by nominating someone that could do with cheering up. Someone you know that does not have a family close by or friends that could celebrate them on their birthday, Christmas, Easter, or even on valentines day.

Because you may forget to remember that person on those days, by registering them, you are authorising us to make that person aware that someone, somewhere cares. Yes, the card may not come from you, but at least, you will be the generator of the thought that would cheer them up. And in some cases, we may even surprise them with a gift to make them feel extra special.

No one should go without a birthday card to recognise their importance in our communities. No one should be alone, because we are all part of one community.

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