When do you become lonely?

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When do you become lonely?

I ask myself this question on a regular basis and I have come to realise that loneliness doesn’t just come on you like sunshine or rain, it creeps up on you slowly until you finally get to the point of hopelessness.

Yes unexpected incidents may cause you to become lonely or may trigger the feeling of loneliness suddenly, however, it will still take you through the emotional, physical and mental cobwebs before you eventually realise that your wasting away is down to loneliness.

So, when do you become lonely? When you can look around you and suddenly realise that you have very little to live and hope for. 

In western world, loneliness itself is not a mental health diagnosis that would require sectioning, but other symptoms are put together in other for healthcare professionals to conclude mental illness diagnosis. The truth is this, in my many years of working with people living loneliness and other mental health conditions, medication does not remove the feeling of hopelessness, it won’t create that which you are urging for, however, it will norm the pain for a moment, and after that, you resume the cycle of that hopelessness due to your loneliness state…..

Irrespective of the trigger, we must understand one fundamental truth, we are a loving being. We need to feel loved and be able to give love back, and the moment either of this is missing, we will forever be feeling hopeless and helpless.

Loneliness state is a gradual process with lots of ingredients that fuels it regularly. 

Don’t let it creep up on you. 

And I know it is hard ❤❤❤❤❤

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