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So let me tell you a bit about me.. be warned it’s going to upset you! Just the basics I’ll tell you..

It started wen I was 4 when my step dad let me stay up late with him sitting me on his lap while I was in a night dress he made me touch him and he touched me.. 3 nights later he “broke me in” using 5 marker pens one by one then he raped me..
Thus happened everyday till I was 11!!

Age 5: my mum joined in with him raping me!!
I was made to sit and watch porn with them both and with him alone. He took me to a field made me wear a skirt and shirt he put a dog collars around my throat n made me crawl around like a dog while he raped me 3 times then I was sent home and raped again because I cried.

Age 6: I was made to get up at 3 am clean the whole house top to bottom clean the ducks and chickens and hamsters.. make cereal for all my siblings, 6am I was made to wake everyone and make sure they was getting ready for school… also age 6 was when I was first SOLD to another paedophile. I was locked in a lock up container strapped to a bed tied down and raped I was there for 3 days only a tiny amount of water was squirted over my face to keep me hydrated no food when I was taken back the bloke paid another £170 to take me again the next week…. this became a huge thing for other people and I was sold to many of people wanted to rape and abuse a child..

Age 7: I made my step dad a coffee it wasn’t right so he poured the hole lot over me..

Age 8 my grandad and uncle decided to start raping me to
So I had 9 people raping me From age 3 to 11 in between all of that I was beaten black and blue I had my knee cap smashed to pieces with a baseball bat all cos I said no to him once.. I was thrown down the stairs. .. I tried to escape out the roof as he made the loft “our bedroom” as he called it i wanted to die I didn’t wanna live like this it was “our little secret” he used to climb into my bed and rape me while my sister slept below and I was crying sobbing if I dared screamed he would put his Dick in my mouth and make me gag till I was sick.

There is so much more about them I could tell you or what happened to me, note this is just the outline.

Age 11 I went into care I was a nightmare child because I was messed up but couldn’t thank my foster parents enough for the way they raised me..

Age 16 thrown out of care in and out of hostels B&Bs etc etc

Then my relationships after that I was beaten and forced sex I’ve tried taking my own life I’ve had a still born baby that fucked me up loads. No parent should have to bury their child. I’ve abused drugs and drink I’ve had break down after break down and I feel like I’m about to have another I’m lost confused and all sorts I don’t know myself anymore I don’t wanna be this person but I’m trapped inside this body and it’s dangerous

Don’t judge me it wasn’t my fault it was a child.

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