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My First Sexual Abuse Story…..
I was between age 7/8, a lady from our church used to visit us at home. My mum loved this lady so much because she was a very down to earth person, very quiet and very religious. She was at a technical school and always come to our house whenever she’s on holiday.
She was in the choir at our church and I just loved her at the time because I love singing myself and she was like my hero that I look up to. Every time she’s around, she would ask me to come and share her sleeping space with her. I can remember that she used to sleep in our lounge on the floor. My first encounter with her was the night she first placed my hand on her breast. I didn’t know what to do, I was in total confusion.
This went on for sometime whenever she was around. Then it gradually graduated into her placing my hand down below. I couldn’t tell my mum or anyone because I didn’t have any idea of what was happening at the time.
Why am I saying this now you are thinking? Because I know better, I now know that someone making me to touch them in their private area is a sexual abuse at that age. Now I know that it should never be done to a child nor to anyone without their consent.
I am sharing this because I was ashamed of it for years and didn’t have anywhere safe and comfortable to share it without being used as part of statistics or be referred to some sort of professional. I am not ashamed of it because I have just realized that my privacy was invaded and I was put in an uncomfortable situation that I have had to live it for so long.
I am very happy now that I have been able to share it without any form of guilt and I can now move on and be able to understand why I become irrational at times in my relationship life.
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